An Idea of Thought

Living life on life’s terms. What a novel idea that is. How hard is it for us to actually do, though? I wonder sometimes how I was able to live before. Before I understood what that really meant. Before I understood what a lot of things meant really. This life is all we get.

Thoughts amongst thoughts, require nothing, no responses. But we stoke those thoughts, like an ember into a flame, and that flame can burst into an inferno. But it required nothing in the first place. This is life. We choose which fires to stoke. That’s the key to living on life’s terms. The choosing part.

It’s something so easily missed, something so short in time that in reality it will never be missed by anyone. That’s the point. In the realm of time and space this moment we have is so short and fleeting that relative to time it won’t matter. It will only matter to you. What you do with it is yours alone.

So if we can understand this, then why aren’t we happy? Why do we let things so insignificant bother us? I guess its human nature, we are flawed and are always trying too hard to be something were not. But why? Can we ever be truly happy with ourselves?

Live today like there’s no tomorrow. But really do it. What would you do if you knew there was no tomorrow? Would you value your life then? Would you pray to your god? Kiss your loved ones? Make amends? Be grateful? Appreciate life?

But Why not do that anyway?

Or would none of it really matter. That choice is yours.

Why does it take something catastrophic or life altering in order to appreciate how precious this short moment is? We die a little every day. It is a fact that there will be no tomorrow for some of us, and some might miss these opportunities we have right now.

Question everything. Living in a nightmare of shattered shapes and bizarre sensations followed by inescapable panic, cold sweat and a racing heart is how we have grown used to living. I awoke from this nightmare to find out it wasn’t a dream but my life. Desperate for change.

I had realized that things in my life had been causing me great distress, although I was conscious I was unaware. I realized that I am the cause of my own distress and I am the only one who can cause it to end.

Being able to acknowledge this is always easier said than done, but these things I need to ask myself daily.

Smile, because why not. Be happy, for it takes more effort to be angry. Live, but really live. Be everything, or be nothing. But be.

Live life. On life’s terms. It is all you have.


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